Top 10 Email Verification Services



In the world of cyber communication, where the success of your correspondence depends on the quality of your email list, verification of the same is not only an important but an essential tool in email accuracy management.

In the simplest terms, email verification serves to make sure that your intended content would reach the right email addresses by verifying their accuracy. This is especially important if your strategy of communication with clients and subscribers involves bulk email notifications.

Why do you need email verification?

Email verification maintains the “hygiene” of your email address list by eliminating the addresses which are incorrect and preserving those which are deliverable, accurate and safe-to-send. This process is indispensable making sure that your emails do not bounce and that they are not treated by internet service providers as spam.

By obtaining a list of “clean” email addresses, email verification protects you from the dreaded “spammer” label and makes sure that your emails don’t end up in the Spam folder but rather in the recipients’ inboxes, thus exponentially increasing their chances of being actually read. It also helps in improving your IP address sender reputation with the email servers ensuring that your future emails go straight to the inbox folder next time you send them.

Knowing how important email verification actually is, now begs the question of how to choose the right email verification service provider? By choosing the right one you seize more opportunities, save valuable time and money, and increase your sender reputation making sure you don’t get blacklisted by the email services.

Which are the best email verification services for you?

Below I have provided a list for you of the top 10 email verification services analyzed and selected based on their effectiveness of email validation, pricing, accuracy rate, availability of technical support, unique service provision and much more.

Let’s take a look at them in more detail and select the best one!

The first one on the list definitely has to be EmailMarker. This real-time email verification service isavailable in PHP, Python, Nodejs, and .net. Their online system verifies your email addresses improving your email deliverability. The reason why so many companies put their trust in EmailMarker is their dedication to high quality, fast and most accurate email verification and validation as well as customer privacy and confidentiality protection.In order to clean your email address list successfully EmailMarker performs several operations. The Accurate Syntax Engine detects low-quality emails, Email De-duplication merges duplicate records, the Systematic Spam Trap Control discovers spam traps and increases your deliverability, and Quality Domain Database ensures the accuracy of each email domain.Their simple pricing structure and very affordable rates are a large part of EmailMarker’s appeal. They offer free email verification when you enter a website and their fixed prices start at $3 for a 1000 emails verification. Your plan is designed based on the number of verifications you need without paying any additional charges.


NEVERBOUNCE with over 50.000 users already provides you with bulk email list verification as well as single email verification detecting the invalid email addresses reducing your bounce rate significantly. What is amazing about NEVERBOUNCE is that they offer free instant bounce analysis, monthly verifications and consistent support and availability. Their pricing structure offers some great volume rates: for 10.000 emails the price per email is $0.008 and the price decreases with the volume of emails you choose to verify. They offer a calculator on their webpage simplifying the way you calculate the price.

3. EHygienics

Email validation, email verification, email appending and blacklist monitoring are just some of the great services that eHygienics offers. Their pricing packages depend on what you need to be done. For validation with unlimited API, the price is $1.500 per month, for verification with no API the price is $1.000/million, for appending the price is $0.10/record and for blacklist monitoring (abuse handling) the price is $250 per month.

4. QuickEmailVerification

It is one of the most affordable and most widely used email verification services offering you bulk email list verification, real-time API verification and entirely integrated interface with the main ESPs. Its speed of verification is definitely worth considering: it can process 100.000 email addresses accurately in 60 minutes or less. With technical support available 24/7 and very high accuracy margins of 97% make it one of the best email verification services out there. Their pricing model offers a Free Trial allowing you 100 verifications/day for free and has two additional pricing plans depending on whether you are a one-time user or you have a continual need for verification. The first plan starts at $4/500 verification and the price decreases as the number of verifications increases. The second plan is a monthly plan which starts at $25/month and includes 500 verifications/day and can be expanded to 50.000 verifications.

5. MailGet

It is one of the simplest email verification services to use as well as one of the cheapest. MailGet cleans your subscribers’ list by inspecting the email address’s domain, MX validator and DEA checker and gives a list of spam, bounce or undeliverable addresses. They provide list management, email list cleaning, email tracking, subscription forms, SMTP routing, and much more. They offer a free trial and their pricing plans vary starting at $4/1000 emails sweep, $12/5000, $20/10.000 etc.

6. Verifalia

Verifalia performs a very simple task of detecting invalid email addresses to help you clean out your email marketing list. All you have to do is upload the list and wait for it to be verified. Their validation can be automated through reliable HTTP-based RESTful API ensuring the validity of your emails at the point of collection. They offer free validations for 25 validations/day and their plans start at $7.90/250 validations/day. They also offer different monthly packages: starter, professional, enterprise and ultimate, each offering a different price for a different number of validations per day as well as different levels of quality at different credits.

7. BulkEmailVerifier

It is a very simple email validating service where all you need to do is log in, upload the email list, and wait for the system to automatically remove all the invalid emails from your email address list. It is completely online and it doesn’t require any installation or software download. They offer a free demo to test individual emails. Their pricing models vary and there are two main packages: batch verification for AD-HOC jobs starting at $25/3000 emails and a batch verification – monthly subscription best for regular use starting at $79/4000 emails/day.

8. DataValidation

This service validates the bad emails, verifies them, increases deliverability and stops bounces before they occur. All you have to do is upload your email address list and wait for the results. They offer Free Reporting to preview your results for every list before making your purchase and their plans depend on the number of emails you need to be verified; for $7/1000 emails, $50/10.000 emails etc. They also offer purchasing tokens and refilling them when you are running out.

9. MailboxValidator

Bulk email list cleaning service that simplifies the email validation process making sure whether a mailbox exists or not. The only thing it requires from you is to upload your email list either in a text or CVS format. The service then detects fake and invalid emails in JSON or XML formats improving your deliverability rates and reducing the bounce rates. Their key features include MX Record Checker, Email Greylisting Checker, Suppressed Email Checker, Duplicate Email Remover and many more. They offer a free bulk trial, free API, as well as a variety of paid plans depending on the number of queries you need, for example, their BULK-1 plan is $19.95/1.000 queries.

10. Xverify

Email verification service that validates both B2C and B2B email addresses across the world. Because they are an EU Privacy Shield Certified and located in the USA they are one of the most trusted services out there. They offer a 24/7 email consultation service that you can call and speak to a consultant. They offer an auto-correction feature, fraud protection, email list cleaning accuracy, real-time check and more. Their plans depend on the volume of the list you need to be verified starting at $0.01/email validation.


To conclude…

We hope that we helped to solve your dilemma regarding which email verification service to pick. There are so many more out there but these are the ones we personally checked, analyzed and approved for your convenience. These are the most affordable, most experienced and best-rated email verification services at this point. So, select the one that works for you best!